Your Mistakes Do Not Define You

Your Circumstances Do Not Limit You

Life Is About CHOICES

With Faith, Desire, and Determination You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

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Life Gives You Many Ingredients - Which Ones Will You Choose?

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About Wish Sandwich

Wish Sandwich is a 2020 autobiography by Jerry B. Bowden. The African-American title character retells adventures ranging from growing up in a Children’s Home in the Bronx, to escaping the violent streets of Brooklyn, to entering a war zone in Vietnam, to singing on stage with The Temptations.

Overcoming poverty, violence, and abandonment, to experiencing enlightenment through higher education, and embracing true love, this novel is a non-stop adventure that will touch your heart and keep you guessing, while reinforcing the importance of keeping an open mind and choosing to fight for your dreams.

The author reminds us that mistakes happen in life, but they do not define who we are. The consequences from our mistakes can slow us down, but not suppress us from achieving greatness. It’s a matter of mindset.

Resilience comes from deep within oneself, and Jerry B. Bowden shows us time and time again, how perseverance and determination will ultimately lead you closer to your goals. So, rather than turning back at roadblocks, find new ways to get around them, or take a detour. Don’t lose sight of where you are going. The end result will be glorious and well worth the fight.

Life is like a wish sandwich. You are given a beginning and an end slice of life. What you choose to put into your life’s sandwich is entirely up to you.

What Readers Are Saying

Success comes in cans, not cannots. Jerry B. Bowden is living proof of what a “can do” attitude is able to overcome and achieve in life. His powerful story of transition from ghetto to glory is beyond inspirational for anyone wishing to experience their fullest potential, regardless of their circumstances.

Throughout this book, you will be jolted, awakened, and moved. You will experience adventure, despair, and fame. Jerry B. Bowden pulls you into his world through colorful storytelling, in this true-to-life novel of a poor black boy overcoming tremendous adversity, to step into a life of abundance and success.


Hall of Fame Professional Speaker

Jerry Bowden has been a family friend for a LONG time and I have not known all of his story, but amazingly he wrote the story of his life in the most incredible way. I’m not one to be hooked on an autobiography at all but I CANNOT put down his book. This mans life truly is remarkable.

If you get this book, be prepared to smile, cry, get angry at the racial injustices, and be reminded of how good God is, because I am absolutely floored by his story. I hope it’s made into a movie one day

Gabriel Colbert

I’ve always said, “you will know what a person is made of when they are challenged in life, and you see what spills out of their life.” Wish Sandwich reveals a journey of how a person was made through hardships, difficulty, disappointment, and perplexities, but yet by God’s design has triumphed. It truly expresses the old adage, “it’s not where you start, or even the journey along the way, but how you persevere and never give up on yourself.”

My hope is as you read this book, you will be encouraged to never give up.

Nathan Dupree

Pastor at Living Stones Church

Jerry B. BOwden

Singer, Author, Speaker, TEch Founder

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Available in print or ebook (Kindle)

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